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Friday, 7 October 2011

6 months, how long is that?

I got thinking about the question in the title of this blog through an activity that I do on a weekend...

Outside of work, one of the things I do is to volunteer to help manage a weekly running event. This is a 5km timed run, which is free to enter and happens every Saturday morning across parks all over the country. It serves many purposes, one of the main ones being to encourage people to take some regular exercise, no matter what their level of fitness is. Although there are 'fast' runners there are many more 'not-so-fast' runners and, as such, the events are very sociable affairs.

As more of these parkruns begin and become established it is always the case that anniversaries for each particular course are celebrated. These are normally the 1 year, 2 year anniversary or the like. Our first event was on 16th April, so does that mean we would have a 6 month anniversary on the 16th October?

Overlooking that the 16th October is a Sunday, and the events only run on a Saturday, the fact that the events are weekly means that the 8th October is the 26th event, which, given there are 52(.143, or .286 in a leap year) weeks in a year, does this date not warrant the 6 month anniversary?

This 26 week idea does seem to make more sense in the context of the situation, yet it wouldn't necessarily in another situation...As it  happens I got married on the 17th April and I certainly wouldn't contemplate saying to the wife that we could have a little 6 month celebration on the 9th October...that would just be silly, wouldn't it?!?

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