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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Market Research

The ECMG Committee have had an idea to hold a Skills Workshop in addition to the biannual ECM Conferences as members have previously indicated that they either like the skills workshops or they enjoy the conference part most and we thought that we might be able to get more attendees at both events in future if they were kept separate.

This proposal has yet to go to the Executive Board, at this stage we are trying to do some market research to see whether the membership like our idea or not and to gauge whether or not it would be feasible.

Our initial thoughts were that if we held one workshop a year in London, possibly on a Wednesday (as students don't have so many lectures then) and possibly on the day prior to the Mathematics 20XX conference then the two events might benefit from each others' success.

So we would like to have some feedback. Particularly from people who have attended our events in the past, but also from people who may consider attending our events in future.

We'd like to know if you like the conferences as they are with the occasional morning skills workshop and the afternoon or if you would prefer the two types of event to be separate and whether or not you would attend the skills workshops (and/or the conferences) in future.


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